The Life of a Scilly Sergeant by Colin Taylor

Review published on February 28, 2017.

Colin Taylor is the policeman who has served the longest on Scilly, both as a constable and sergeant. This book tells of the seven years in total he has spent there. I found the book a little short on humour, with a touch too much police procedure for my liking. I admit I was expecting it to be more along the lines of James Herriot, with more funny happenings, which is not to say that it was devoid of humour, there just was not enough for me. The old lady driving her mini and the stand-off with a lorry in a bottle neck was certainly a laugh out loud moment. I found Colin’s descriptions of Scilly to be wonderful and he must be helping the tourist trade (sorry, they are visitors on Scilly, not tourists) a great deal. On the whole it is a good book, but its just a little dry for me.

Sue Dawson 4/4

The Life of a Scilly Sergeant by Colin Taylor
Arrow 9781784755157 pbk Jan 2017


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