The Seeker by S.G. Maclean

Review published on February 17, 2017.

Oliver Cromwell’s reign as Lord Protector was dour and lacked entertainment – or so the historians would have you believe. Here we find Damien Seeker, the 007 of Cromwell’s spy network, strutting his stuff across the underbelly of London. When a close ally of Cromwell’s is murdered, all clues lead to a seemingly innocent coffee house. Yet, these were the very places to house intrigue and plots, as Seeker uncovers mystery, deceit and murderous intent. He’s a great lead character and the setting is well described by Maclean as we also prowl the nightlife of very olde London town. But there is a charming and very attractive side to Damien Seeker. Could it in future prove be his downfall? The next book, The Black Friar, will reveal more I expect!

Philipa Coughlan 5/5

The Seeker by S.G. Maclean
Quercus 9781782068433 pbk May 2016


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