The Truth Healer by J.C. Gabriel-Smith

Review published on February 14, 2017.

I wanted to like this book as soon as I saw the cover. Chloe Messenger has to find a new career and she is offered a job in a crystal shop, where she can also use her reiki qualification. There she discovers she has mediumship qualities and the shop owner, Tatania, thinks she may have the perfect opportunity for her to use those qualities. Tatania is involved with a group called The Truth Circle, which uses mediums to help “solve” mysteries and crimes. Tatania asks Chloe if she will join them and sets her the task of finding two young girls who disappeared from a camp site on the Isle of Wight, with police fearing they have been kidnapped by a gang of child traffickers. I wasn’t wrong. I loved the story, which is original and exciting, but oh dear, what hard work it was to read. The book has been published by the author and, although in her acknowledgements she thanks her publishers “for giving some amazingly helpful feedback on the first draft”, the book is sorely in need of a good editor to generally tighten it up. There are many errors, both in the spelling and grammar, and a certain amount of repetition that could be trimmed. It is a pity, since what I found to be a good story could have been turned into an even better book with the right guidance. Nonetheless, I think this book is well worth the effort and I really enjoyed it.

Val James 4/3

The Truth Healer by J.C. Gabriel-Smith
9781534672925 pbk Jul 2016


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