Stronger Than Skin by Stephen May

Review published on April 24, 2017.

“Mark Chadwick is cycling home, eager to get back to his family, when he sees the Police calling at the house. Mark cycles on – he knows why they are here.”

Having never read any books by this author before, the description on the back of the book made it sound exciting and intriguing. The book got off to a good start, with the character of Mark being sought by the police for a crime that took place years ago when he was a student at university. The book progressed following Mark in the present day and flashbacks to what happened when he was at university.

Unfortunately, it was soon quite easy to guess where the story was going and what the crime that took place was. I found Mark’s story interesting and I did feel sorry for the present day Mark and how he had ended up. I did not much like the past story and the character of Anne; I could not warm to her and felt that she was setting Mark up throughout the story. I was not altogether happy with the ending though. I thought the book was well written and although I did not find it as engaging and gripping as the plot line lead me to believe, I would read another book written by this author.

Maxine Wetherall 3/3

Stronger Than Skin by Stephen May
Sandstone Press Ltd 9781910985403 pbk Mar 2017


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