The Brittle Star by Davina Langdale

Review published on April 15, 2017.

My first impression of this book was that it is aimed at the male reader, but as I progressed through the chapters I became truly engrossed as I wanted to know what had happened to the characters.

The book starts with young John Evert, who is sixteen years old and living with his Spanish mother on a ranch. After a surprise attacks by Indians, two ranch hands are murdered, John is injured, the homestead is burnt to the ground and his mother is kidnapped. Now this is all at the beginning of the book so you can see how I was hooked.

The author takes you through the chapters with a steady flow and it is almost as though you are watching a really good western movie through the pages of the book.

It is easy to get captivated by the story of John and his attempts to find out if his mother is alive or dead – it is a real page turner into the old days of the Wild West.

Jennifer Moville 4/4

The Brittle Star by Davina Langdale
Sceptre 9781473622036 hbk Feb 2017


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