The Hearts of Men by Nickolas Butler

Review published on April 29, 2017.

Having read the blurb on the back of the cover, I was intrigued by the life of Nelson. Having been a loner at school myself and growing up I could relate in part to the feeling Nelson had of not fitting in. Being good at things like earning so many Scout badges and always having the knowledge when questions were asked and being able to put up your hand with the answers rang true in the awkwardness of life.

The author carries you through Nelson’s life and the meeting of a friend, Jonathan, in different sections of the book where Nelson is a grown man in the middle of his life and again when he is near retirement, yet Jonathan is always there.

As you read the tale of friendship there is sometimes happiness, but sadness still rears it’s ugly head along with bravery on occasions.

The author teaches you that in life you have to learn who to trust and along the way loyalty plays a great part when you sometimes least expect it.

At times a deeply moving novel, this will test how you would react through the eyes of Nelson. My thoughts put me in his place in the story and made me ask what I would do.

Jennifer Moville 3/3

The Hearts of Men by Nickolas Butler
Picador 9781509827916 pbk Mar 2017


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