The Tulip Garden by Sarah Mathilde Callaway

Review published on April 4, 2017.

This was an easy to read, light story set in the beautiful Italian countryside. It  features the Contini Family – their lives and their loves.

This first book in the series is set around Arianna, who is in her 30s and engaged to Richard, but she isn’t happy with how her life is lacking something. She seemingly has it all, but it doesn’t seem to make her as happy as she’d like.

When she and her sisters are summoned to the family estate by their grandmother, it sets off a chain of events that change Arianna’s life as well as outlook on where her life is heading.

While she is there she soon meets Lorenzo, who is a worker on the family estate, but also a painter. She is immediately smitten (as I was as a reader!) and the romance soon heats up! As well as falling in love with Lorenzo, she soon falls in love with the family estate and finds peace tending the tulip garden.

This is a very romantic read and my only complaint is that it was too short! There was no time to explore the main characters’ backgrounds and everything moved a little too quickly! The romance was instant so there was no time for the characters to develop a relationship. There were hints as to Lorenzo and his past, but that was never really delved into and could have added another thread to the story as his family had history with the Contini family. The grandmother was also another fascinating character, but she came across as just being very controlling and I would have loved to have known more about her past.

This book is the perfect holiday/beach read and it is very easy to escape into. The language describing the scenery is perfect and it really does well to transport the reader to Florence. I am intrigued to read more of the series to find out more about the family and their history, so I hope it will be just as romantic!

Karen Mace 3/3

The Tulip Garden by Sarah Mathilde Callaway
9781542417143 pbk Jan 2017


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