Dead Woman Walking by Sharon Bolton

Review published on May 15, 2017.

Wowzers, wowzers, wowzers!!!

Well, I could just leave it there, but I’d like to tell you a bit more about this fabulous book. A new Sharon Bolton is always going to be a highly coveted thing for me. Daisy in Chains was one of my top reads of 2016 and I also loved Black Little Lies. And then along came Dead Woman Walking and it’s another cracking good read.

It’s no secret that a hot air balloon strongly features in the story and I think that it will have put a lot of people off ever going in one. I bet those companies who do balloon rides are not best pleased with Ms Bolton! But what a unique and clever idea. In fact the whole book is unique and clever.

I’m going to be very careful not to give away any spoilers as the blurb is, I suspect, deliberately sparse so as to lead the reader on a journey of discovery. It’s a shame so much has been given away in reviews as I think that it’s a book with many mysteries and it’s better to approach it with as few facts as possible.

We know we have a woman in a green jacket who somehow manages to survive the balloon crash. But why is she running? Why hasn’t she come forward?

This book is an absolute triumph. It’s not just the unusual storyline or the interesting characters, although they come together to produce one heck of a story. It’s also the astonishing amount of plotting and weaving that the author must have undertaken to keep the suspense and momentum going. Several times I had to close the book for a minute just to try and process what I was reading and to rethink everything that I thought I understood about the story.

Despite Dead Woman Walking being a thrill from start to finish, I didn’t find it was a book I could race through. I wanted to make sure I took in all the detail and sometimes reread bits more than once (which is very unusual for me). In many ways I didn’t want it to end but yet I really needed to know what happened in the end.

With chapters from the present merging with chapters from the past and many twists and turns, this was a book I simply didn’t want to put down. The chapters are mostly really short and this just added to the tension and the need to keep reading.

Erm … in case you didn’t realise, I absolutely loved this book.

Nicola Smith 5/4

Dead Woman Walking by Sharon Bolton
Bantam Press 9780593076422 hbk Apr 2017

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