Every Man a Menace by Patrick Hoffman

Review published on May 16, 2017.

“And Some Women Too” could also be added to the title as there are a couple of menacing women involved in this storyline too.

This is a slick and fast-paced novel and the whole story revolves around drugs and drug dealing, some very high powered businessmen and the minnows who also get caught up in the deals.

Set in several locations in Miami, San Francisco and as far away as Bangkok, each storyline moves smoothly into the next and the reader doesn’t have to struggle to keep up.

It begins with the release from prison of Raymond Gaspar, who is tasked with taking on the drug business from the outside by a friend of his uncle’s, Arthur, who manages to run things from behind bars.

Raymond quickly gets sucked into the murky world of dealing drugs as he does his duty in checking on the dealers Arthur sends him to suss out.

I found all the characters extremely unlikeable, perhaps with the exception of Raymond, who seems the least offensive of those we read about. That doesn’t detract from the storyline, most of us aren’t going to like drug dealers and their corrupt syndicates, so we are taken along at breakneck speed as we learn about more of the dealings and the lives of the dealers.

I really enjoyed this book. It doesn’t have any lulls where the reader might want to fast forward a couple of pages and every word adds depth and meaning to the plot line.

Every Man a Menace by Patrick Hoffman
Grove Press 9781611855340 pbk Mar 2017


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