Keep Me Safe by Daniella Sacerdoti

Review published on May 18, 2017.

WOW! This book had me glued to its pages for hours.

Imagine having a child who didn’t speak for three days and then the first thing she says is that she wants her mum – yet you are her mum – just not the one she wants! Confused?? So was Anna when her daughter Ava says she wants her other mum! The child can remember places and people from a life Anna knows not to be the life she has grown up with.

I could see in my mind why Anna would take Ava to the island of Seal to see if things really were real as Ava could remember or if they were things she had seen in a dream or read in a book. At six years old I would have been petrified if my daughter had said things like that to me, but Anna although terrified inside remained calm for the sake of her daughter.

I loved the description of not only the island but of its people. The author had really put a lot of thought into the novel so that you could almost be walking along the beach with them. The characters in the novel were ones you could easily relate to and as the story progressed I could feel myself willing Anna on to ditch Ava’s father for good and go with her heart for a new romance. I could sort of see how the story would end, but the way the author described it almost had me in tears – brilliant – just brilliant.

This book is very easy to read, but be warned, after the first couple of pages it will have you hooked.

Jennifer Moville 5/5

Keep Me Safe by Daniella Sacerdoti
Headline Review 9781472235008 hbk Apr 2017


Author meets Reviewer: Jill Santopolo and Jade Craddock


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