Making Space by Sarah Tierney

Review published on May 15, 2017.

Making Space by Sarah Tierney is a lovely story about a hoarder called Erik and the girl sent to help him, Miriam. As they become closer, and it becomes a love story, there is the ongoing problem that Erik has as an obsessive hoarder who needs to clear space in his house for his daughter to move back in. As Miriam tries to help him, it becomes obvious that she has a monumental task ahead of her. Erik’s daughter knows nothing about his problems, and she is waiting impatiently to reclaim her room.

I loved reading this book, partly as I have the same problem, albeit to a much lesser extent, and I’m sure many others could sympathise with Erik. While he is extreme in his collecting, he knows deep down he has to do something, but when the time comes he just can’t let go of anything.

Miriam is very patient with Erik, but feels she is not getting anywhere and is increasingly frustrated.

Sarah Tierney describes Erik very well, making the reader feel sorry for him, but at the same time, I can feel Miriam’s frustration at clearing a space and Erik filling it again. His obsession with magazines and books is monumental.

Throw into the mix a love story and there are all the ingredients of a lovely novel. It is easy to read, a lovely story and a novel I couldn’t put down!

Glenda Worth 5/5

Making Space by Sarah Tierney
Sandstone Press 9781910985441 pbk Apr 2017


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