Tell Me A Lie by C.J. Carver

Review published on May 18, 2017.

Tell Me A Lie is the stunning new thriller from C.J. Carver and it is the second book in the Dan Forrester series, which is developing into an exciting series, and PC Lucy Davies is back to assist him. What we get with this book is more development in the characterisation of the two central characters and more of the back story of Forrester.

The Calder family seems to have it all, big house, private education for the children, stables for the horse and their pets. It seems to be an open and shut case for the police, Adrian Calder seems to have killed all his family and the pets too. But PC Lucy Davies is not convinced; she is sure that there is more to this than a father killing his family, even though on the surface that is exactly what it looks like.

Dan Forrester is still trying to recover his memory when he is visited by his former boss in the Security Services, who wants him to travel out to Russia, and meet with a former asset. But when his cover is blown, he realises that he is on his own, although he manages to get a message to his wife and she can activate a survival and protection plan.

When Lucy Davies digs deeper in this case, she finds that not everything is what it seems and follows the trail. What she does not understand is why FSB operatives are taking an interest in the case, while bodies are dropping all over the country.

It is when Forrester and Davies realise that their cases are linked that they can work together to solve the murders. Then, when Forrester’s wife is spirited away, he knows he has to keep his daughter safe, find his wife and protect his unborn child. He has to trust people he would rather not be involved with, but he will defend his family to his last breath.

This is a fantastically paced thriller that draws you in and keeps you on tenterhooks all the way through to the end. It really is a fantastic way to develop the series and I hope to see more from Dan Forrester. C.J. Carver is getting better with every book.

Paul Diggett 5/3

Tell Me A Lie by C.J. Carver
Zaffre 9781785760358 pbk Jan 2017



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