The Floating Theatre by Martha Conway

Review published on May 15, 2017.

If I didn’t have to eat, sleep or look after my children, I would have happily read this book from beginning to end in one complete sitting.

From the very first page I believed in every single one of the characters, they were so interesting, unique and fully formed and I found that little May Bedloe, the central character emerged through the book like a butterfly.

The story is beautifully light and almost trivial on the surface, following the lives of a small floating Theatrical Group ,who go up and down river performing for the small developing towns. It is set in the stunningly described American landscape on the Ohio river in the years before the American civil war when America was split between north and south attitudes towards slavery. The story of the floating theatre touches on many aspects of life at that time and leaves the readers’ imagination to supply the detail of the horror that was the slave trade, with underlying menace throughout the book that keeps you gripped.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and reading it has made me want to read all of the other books written by this author. She has a wonderful way of describing the scene, which brings it all to life.

Karen Carissimi 5/5

The Floating Theatre by Martha Conway
Zaffre 9781785762901 hbk Jun 2017

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