This Book Will Make You Fearless by Jo Usmar

Review published on May 9, 2017.

To put it simply, this book is amazing. I suffer with anxiety and decided to give this book a try after failing to find a book that kept me interested long enough to provide any sort of information I could use on a daily basis.

This book provides useful information with a funny and relatable tone, making it easy to stay engaged and take the message on board, unlike some books that seem like they are trying to send you to sleep.

Some parts of the book, especially the beginning, are not only helpful to those who need help but also those around us who would like to learn more about fear and anxiety.

I feel so much more confident and less alone after reading this book. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Sophie Williams 5/5

This Book Will Make You Fearless by Jo Usmar
Quercus 9781786481405 pbk Dec 2016


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