Court of Lions by Jane Johnson

Review published on June 8, 2017.

A place in your heart reader? Well, this book set around the stunning UNESCO World Heritage site of the Alhambra Palace in Granada Spain will totally captivate you.

It’s a double threaded novel – 15th century Granada with young Prince Abu Abdullah Mohammed (Momo) and his new companion Blessing brought into the ruling Moorish family from the native village in the Saharan desert, alongside Kate Froman, known by the name of Anna Maria, who has upped sticks and left behind her son Luke (with her twin sister Jess) and is working as a waitress whilst admiring the architecture and gardens of the Palace.

When Kate finds a mysterious piece of paper with ancient words she is linked with the warring families back in the Alhambra who sought possession of the country and challenged the ruling Muslims by the imposition of Christianity.

At times I was more involved with the historic theme, but the devastating reasons behind Kate’s flight and her traumatic time as a mother and wife come crashing into the second half of the novel.

The descriptions are lush and detailed and readers will be keen to read other offerings from this author or even book the first flight out to Spain.

A great personal, book group and definite holiday read!

One to watch…

Philipa Coughlan 5/4

Court of Lions by Jane Johnson
Head of Zeus 9781786694331 hbk Jul 2017


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