Hidden Doorways by Liah S. Thorley

Review published on June 7, 2017.

Time travel must be something we have all dreamed about, at sometime or other, wondering what it would be like to be whizzed through time, either to the future or the past.

But, what if as a child you were sent through time into the past and you have no idea that you were not meant to be there? This is what happens to Catherine, who at the tender age of six is sent back to the Tudor times, where she grows up to become a happily married business woman. All this is about to change for Catherine, as her father, Michael, is looking for her. He feels guilty, and so he should, since he was the one who sent her there, albeit by accident. There’s also one further problem; Michael has opened doors, doors to different times, and things are about to become a whole lot more complicated for both of them!!

I particularly enjoyed the unique storyline of Hidden Doorways. Yes, there are books about time travel, but not many that feature one or two characters getting lost in time. The drama and tension here left the reader hungry for more. It’s a book to curl up with and let your mind run through time with Catherine! If you loved Lady of Hay and Cross Stitch (Outlander series), you will love this!

Angie Rhodes 5/5

Hidden Doorways by Liah S. Thorley
9781535286152 pbk Oct 2016


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