Safe by Ryan Gattis

Review published on June 29, 2017.

Delving into the world of drug dealers in L.A., the story follows the unconventional path of Ghost, a reformed criminal now working undercover as a safe breaker for the police, who is about to embark on a dangerous operation that could signal devastating consequences.

The story explores the gritty reality of the drugs world, splitting between two main characters – Ghost and Glasses. As each character relays their account of the past and unfolding events, the story interconnects which successfully conveys each event with the plot. This aspect was crafted particularly well as it opened up new trains of thought providing two angles and both sides of the story for many of the situations.

I was prepared to find it difficult to detect many likeable characters considering the nature of the genre. However the characters are particularly well drawn, and the back story and subsequent events are explained in such fine detail that even though most of the characters did not display many positive traits, it was difficult not to empathise with the plight of main character Ghost, especially as the motivation behind his actions became clear.

Featuring a mix of themes including courage, fear and deception, the author managed to convey a tense and lively environment detailing the fraught journeys and relationships over the course of the novel.

For anyone that enjoys thrillers this is a must read. Each time I was convinced about the outcome of a situation, another plot twist would present itself to throw my theories into question. I was kept guessing throughout the book which led me to read it within a few days as I was so keen to discover what was going to happen next. Overall, this was an emotive and realistic account of a part of the world I know little about, but was surprised by how strongly I felt towards the characters. For anyone that enjoys thrillers this is a must read.

Rhianon Holley 4/4

Safe by Ryan Gattis
Picador 9781509843756 hbk Jul 2017


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