SECOND OPINION: Exile by James Swallow

Review published on June 18, 2017.

It is a long time since I read such a gripping novel! It is action-packed from the first page to the last. The twists, plots and sub-plots kept me enthralled the whole way through this very entertaining book.

A Somalian pirate, Abur Ramaas, unexpectedly stumbles upon a prize far greater than the one he was expecting when he invaded a compound in Mogadishu in the southern area of Somalia. After many twists and turns and various plots, he eventually finds himself in possession of nuclear missiles, one real and the others, dummies. Determined to show the world how powerful he is, he invites every major country in the world to bid for the real nuclear missile.

Among the main characters are Marc Dane and Lucy Keyes. Marc Dane, finding himself unjustly ousted from his job with the NSNS, a nuclear energy agency, and Lucy Keyes of Rubicon, eventually join forces to gain control so the nuclear threat can be disarmed safely. It is a real nail-biting, hide behind the cushions, type of action thriller.

I am not surprised to learn Nomad, his first novel in this series involving Marc Dane, Lucy Keyes and Rubicon, was a Sunday Times bestseller, and I am sure the following adventures will be just as thrilling.

The only problem I had is that the hardback book is so heavy and large, I ended up getting pins and needles in the palm of my hand if I read for too long. It is only 485 pages, but by virtue of it being a larger book, it probably equates to at least 550 pages of other books.

Lindsay Nichols 5/3

Exile by James Swallow
Zaffre 9781785760440 hbk Jun 2017


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