This Love by Dani Atkins

Review published on June 17, 2017.

Dani Atkins is one of the most consistently brilliant and compelling of contemporary women’s fiction writers and she delivers another roller coaster of a novel in her latest book, This Love. The first and last chapters of the novel in particular are amongst some of the most engaging I’ve read and showcase her talent perfectly. Indeed, the last chapter is beautifully subtle and poignant, whilst the opening chapter, following the prologue, is a dynamic and intense introduction to this firework of a novel.

As ever with a Dani Atkins novel, the reader quickly and effortlessly becomes invested in the characters, in this case Sophie and Ben, and the author creates lives that are emotionally gripping. At times Sophie and Ben did feel a little underdeveloped, particularly in their back stories, but Atkins excels at complicated, passionate people and their relationships, and this novel is no exception. I did, however, long to see more of Ben’s friends and their individual stories as well as more of Sophie’s parents, but understandably the priority remains on Ben and Sophie. Similarly, there were a few chapters that were abbreviated down to summaries that I felt could have been handled differently to fit in with the overarching style of the novel, but again these are minor quibble in what is essentially a powerful and highly emotive story of bravery, hope and love. Atkins continues to write stories that really get under the reader’s skin and fully immerses you into the highs and lows of her characters’ precarious lives. Another engaging read from this dynamic author.

This Love by Dani Atkins
Simon & Schuster UK 9781471142253 pbk Mar 2017


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