Walk in Silence by J.G. Sinclair

Review published on June 27, 2017.

Keria Lynch has come a long way in such a short time, surviving an Albanian gangster shooting her, set up her own legal practice, and now aiming to find a young boy. The problem for Keria is that the boy is in Albania and hopefully being protected from the Albanian mafia, which could bring yet more problems to her door. While at the same time she needs to give evidence against the Albanian mafia’s Glasgow kingpin, what possibly could go wrong?

Before the trial begins, Keria is out in Albania, staying in a hotel awaiting a contact to help her find a boy who would later seem to be attracting the interest of the Clan (Albanian Mafia). She has hired a couple of locals to help her in the search and they drive her from her hotel to the mountain side house that the boy used to live in with his grandparents. But they seem to be making fun of her and just interested in the money.

She knows she needs to find a woman called Lule, who might have the boy and be protecting him from the clutches of the Clan and anyone else who might have an interest. As her search continues, she takes more than one beating from criminal elements that want to send a message about the wisdom of going home and forgetting about the boy.

Even back in Scotland, Keria realises she is not safe and, under pressure from all sides, but she does not trust the prosecutor and needs the help of the Holy Man. There is something that she needs to do, which might hold up the trial and get her a contempt of court charge, but if it works out then there will be a successful conclusion to the court case.

John Gordon Sinclair has written a brilliant follow-up to Blood Whispers and has created a character in Keria Lynch who should be an establishment figure as a leading defence lawyer, but she is the complete antithesis to that. He has created a lawyer who does not take the easy path, but is a complicated and dedicated person who is easy to like; she has more balls than the average bloke.

Paul Diggett 5/5

Walk in Silence by J.G. Sinclair
Faber & Faber 9780571326631 pbk Jul 2017


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