A Nearly Infallible History of the Reformation by Nick Page

Review published on July 20, 2017.

Usually when you read books about church history they are serious and heavy tomes, giving all due respect and deference, the church sometimes does not need or require. But Nick Page has written a funny account that will at times will make you laugh out loud a sense of humour is definitely required if you are going to read it, and not be easily offended. This is definitely a Horrible Histories style of book for adults, and they may just retain some of the facts, or the funnier stories.

The book is packed with facts, even some ‘biblical’ facts; it is not a perfect history and as the title tells you it is not aiming to be, it is irony at its best. At times things may seem to be rather unbalanced but the facts are true, even if some have been pushed to the limit of their meanings. But it is easy to see why Nick Page is a popular public speaker, as he draws his audience in, and without boring people to death, guides you through 2000 years of history, and make it a pleasure at the same time.

For those of us who are historians I suppose we are supposed to look down our collective noses at this ‘history’ but I am of the generation that believes history is open to everyone, and people like to learn in different ways. Page leads the reader via saints, sinners and kings to the various council and creeds that have become the backbone of Christianity, it is also an important reminder that what has ever happened in the Church’s history, it has influenced much of the modern world over the last 2000 years.

This really is a fun book, a Horrible Histories for adults.

Paul Diggett 4/4

A Nearly Infallible History of the Reformation by Nick Page
Hodder & Stoughton 9781444749694 hbk Jun 2017


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