Blood Sisters by Jane Corry

Review published on July 3, 2017.

The latest book by the author of My Husband’s Wife, this is a compelling novel that I found very, very difficult to put down.

One May morning three girls set off for school but an accident leaves one of them dead, one of them suffering life changing injuries and the other full of guilt. Fifteen years on and the two half-sisters involved in the accident are living very different lives. Alison is an art teacher, Kitty is living in residential care unable to communicate or make herself understood. Well written and immediately engaging, the girls’ story moves back and forth from sister to sister and between the present and events that led up to the accident.

However, there is so much more to this novel than just an attempt to discover what happened on the fateful day of the accident and the action becomes even more complex when Alison takes on a job in a prison as “artist in residence”.

Full of twists and turns this psychological thriller takes us through different versions of the truth. There are so many hidden secrets – and not just in relation to the two girls.

The book also addresses in a skilled and sensitive manner broader issues such as prison life (enhanced by Jane Corry’s own experience as writer in residence in a high security prison) and the frustrations of those who have suffered brain damaging injuries (Kitty is also imprisoned as she cannot get anyone to understand what she knows, is beginning to recall, and needs to communicate).

Put all this in the context of sibling rivalry, truth, lies, love, hate, revenge and populate with extremely well drawn characters and you have an absolutely gripping novel. So much in the novel is not as it seems and there are lots of edge of the seat revelations which I certainly did not see coming. There are also some very tense situations in the novel so be prepared to find yourself so gripped you don’t want to put the book down.

Not only is this an exciting personal read but some of the topics addressed with such sensitive insight will make very thought provoking discussion points for reading groups. I would highly recommend Blood Sisters and as I understand Jane Corry has another novel on the way, I can definitely confirm that I for one will be looking out for it with eager anticipation.

Kathy Jesson 5/4

Blood Sisters by Jane Corry
Penguin 9780241976722 pbk Jun 2017


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