The Arrangement by Sonya Lalli

Review published on July 30, 2017.

The Arrangement is the début novel by Sonja Lalli and it has been a brilliant short summer read for me, not too heavy but with the perfect mixture of thrill, controversy, love story and social issues to keep me well and truly addicted to every page.

It has been extremely interesting to gain an insight into the practices of another culture, particularly the wedding ceremonies and the culture behind arranged marriages and all of the emotions from the perspective of everyone involved that go along with an arranged marriage. The expectations of the parents of the bride, the community of Aunties, the Indian community as a whole and the pressures on all of them for everything to be perfect.

Its easy for forget how difficult it must be to marry up the struggles and contradictions of very traditional thinking Indian families with the children of those families who grow up in the West with the freedoms and more liberal attitudes of the West with regards marrying for love, homosexuality and the role and restrictions of women in the traditional Indian society.

The Arrangement managed to touch on all of these subjects with perfect openness and sensitivity and without judgement to those who are struggling with the acceptance of the 21st century and its new ways.

I loved this book. Its been a great educational read but also great fun and has conjured many of the beautiful colours and spice smells which the Indian culture is well known and loved for.

Karen Carissimi 4/4

The Arrangement by Sonya Lalli
Orion 9781409171300 pbk Aug 2017


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