The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse

Review published on July 21, 2017.

Nina McCarrick has a comfortable existence – beautiful property, a successful husband, children at private school. She hasn’t always though, coming from a humbler life in working class Southampton where her remaining family still reside. Her middle-class existence has made her slightly smug and she displays a feeling of superiority over those with less. This book is predominantly concerned with her fall and subsequent rise again. After the sudden death of her husband, life has to evolve physically and psychologically, as Nina deals with grief, fights for her own and her son’s futures, and learns important lessons in life and humanity, making the best of a bad situation and helping others. We certainly meet several likeable characters struggling with the cruelty of what life can throw at you and see all the characters develop over the course of the book.

Reading this book was entertaining and enjoyable. I found it really emotionally engaging, and found myself easily running with the mood of the book. It’s really well written and the story was great and escapist. I’ve never read any of Amanda Prowse’s other books, but having seen her on the panel for the Wright Stuff regularly I found her a likeable and kind person which has intrigued me to make a start, I’m glad I have.

This would be a great holiday read, excellent for someone who doesn’t read much and wants to see the sadness and also the joy of life, while being taken with the story and spend a bit of time quietly. I found it relatable as a mother and also think about what’s important in life and where you can find it.

Helen Corton 4/3

The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse
Lake Union Publishing 9781611099553 pbk Aug 2017


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