YA: Walking Mountain by Joan Lennon

Review published on July 7, 2017.

Walking Mountain is a young adult book which may not appeal to adult readers, unless they enjoy fantasy fiction.

It is set in a country called High Land, where the hero, Pema, lives with his grandparents, in a time when most things have different, but similar names. I was amused by the names. A shup is a sheep, a wulf similar to a wolf and a gow a cross between a goat and a cow. The author provides a glossary, and says that the words originate from a Bhutanese dialect.

The title is what it suggests – because of a misplaced meteor, which hit the world, volcanoes and earthquakes happened and the mountain near Pema’s house began to move in the wrong direction. But Pema, the girl Singay and a friend they met, set out on a journey to same the planet from disaster. Most of the story is taken up by the journey and the hazards and people they met on the way.

I found the book refreshingly original with some vibrant descriptions and it held my interest until the end, but I would not have chosen it to review had I known it was a teenage book, and I would be reluctant to introduce it to my book groups as I think some readers would find it juvenile.

Jan Jeffery 3/1

Walking Mountain by Joan Lennon
BC Books 9781780274560 pbk Jun 2017


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