Escape from Sunset Grove by Minna Lindgren

Review published on August 31, 2017.

Just because you are in the later years of life does not mean you have to behave according to the rules. Irma and Siri are the best of friends, who have to leave their retirement home, through no fault of their own, to share a flat. Everything is good until there is a whiff of corruption and crimes! It’s not long before these two “elder” ladies are snooping for answers.

Set in Helsinki, and in the twilight years of age, this book is so much fun and had me giggling at what Irma and Siri got themselves into. Imagine two Miss Marples who look so sweet and gentile but underneath they are so smart and miss nothing, even causing a little mischief along the way, and you are in for a treat. I am so looking forward to the next book and am off to buy the first!

Angie Rhodes 4/4

Escape from Sunset Grove by Minna Lindgren
Pan 9781447289388 pbk Aug 2017


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