Merlin at War by Mark Ellis

Review published on August 25, 2017.

Merlin at War by Mark Ellis has it all! Suspense, thrills, spies and counter-spy intelligence agencies across Europe, illegal gambling and grand-scale fraud at home and abroad provided the action and then of course there was the obligatory love interest. Did I enjoy it? Yes, but with reservations. If it had provided a list of characters for reference I would have enjoyed it one hundred percent. So many characters and different stories were introduced in such quick succession, I found myself a little confused by who was who and where did they come in the order of things, for a good few pages. I soon settled into the various themes and characters and found I couldn’t put the book down!

The tenuous links between the various stories introduced in the early chapters were written very well, keeping the reader interested and intrigued as to how they would pan out. Were they linked? Did Frank Merlin really have three separate cases to deal with or could he nail any links between them before it was too late?

Against the background of war, Mark Ellis introduced us to how the supposedly rich and powerful lived in such times but balanced it out with down-to-earth reality for the police force and their difficult task of bringing law and order into play. Tenacious policing from lowly constables to the top man himself brought their just rewards by bringing the criminals to book.

I scored it as a 4 for personal reading purely for the initial confusion, and similarly for the group reading

Lindsay Nichols 4/4

Merlin at War by Mark Ellis
London Wall Publishing 9780995566712 pbk Jul 2017


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