Montecristo by Martin Suter

Review published on August 3, 2017.

Montecristo is a very classy thriller indeed. It is written by an award winning Swiss author, and it delves into the murky world of finance. Jonas Brand, a freelance film-maker, is travelling by train when one of the passengers commits suicide. Brand films the scene and then, seemingly unconnected to this event, discovers he has two Swiss bank notes with identical serial numbers, which is impossible. When he pursues this with the bank, it becomes clear that the events are related and he finds himself hunted by people intent on covering up a major scandal at the heart of the Swiss banking industry.

The novel is very tightly plotted and gripping. Brand does not know whom to trust and finds himself in increasingly dangerous situations. It was almost a case of wanting to find out what happens and not wanting to finish the book because it is so good! I can thoroughly recommend this both as a personal and reading group read. Excellent.

Ruth Ginarlis 5/5

Montecristo by Martin Suter
No Exit Press 9781843448228 pbk Jun 2017


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