SECOND OPINION: Kompromat by Stanley Johnson

Review published on August 6, 2017.

A hilarious romp of a satire reflecting on the political situation worldwide as Ron Craig, hotel and oil tycoon with his amazing shock of blond hair, stands as the hopeful Republican candidate in America’s 2016 election for the 45th President of the United States, and Jeremy Hartley calls a referendum in the UK on whether to leave the European Union. Behind the scenes manoeuvres by Popov, the outdoorsy huntsman and President of the Russian Federation and Liu Wang-Ji, President of China are pulling strings… Popov aiming to separate the UK from Europe, which he hopes will be the first in a domino effect that will eventually break up the union entirely. Liu Wang-Ji, however, is trying to keep the Union together. Both sides of the debate are manufacturing Kompromat, fake news, to deliver the goods.

My favourite storyline, which had me laughing out loud, is when Popov ‘accidentally’ shoots Ron Craig in the buttock when leading a tiger hunt as part of his preservation of Amur tigers on the Russia/China border campaign, which leads to Craig being bugged by not only the Russians, but also the Chinese and Americans! Of course his first reaction was that he must tweet about it.

Another clever twist is Huntley’s failed Remain campaign, cleverly designed by him to ensure the UK will indeed leave the EU without him appearing to be a Brexiteer at all. And of course, no satire would be complete without five mentions of the kitten-heeled shoes worn by the former Home Secretary and new Prime Minister following the referendum, Mabel Killick, who ‘once she made up her mind, was hard to sway’!

Rachel Hirstwood 5/5

Kompromat by Stanley Johnson
Point Blank 9781786072467 hbk Jul 2017


Kompromat by Stanley Johnson


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