Seeking Eden by Beverley Harvey

Review published on August 12, 2017.

Kate and Neil decide to leave London after being burgled. Kate is eager to try somewhere new and they move to Eden Hills, a quiet leafy haven in the country where they feel safe.

There they meet Lisa, a glamorous ex-WAG complete with Chihuahua accessory and a fast pass to the gym. Martin also lives in the area. He’s the manager of a carpet store, trapped in a duty bound marriage to Jan, who spends most of her time indoors due to depression. He develops an unhealthy interest in Lisa, dreaming of an escape with her and her seemingly perfect life.

Ben, Kate’s ex, an ageing one hit wonder popstar from the past, has decided he wants Kate back and tracks her down to her new house. But Kate has moved on, or so she thinks. With Neil away most of the week so he doesn’t have to commute to London every day, Kate has too much time alone … something Ben takes advantage of.

This isn’t my usual style of book but I was intrigued by the tagline ’50 is the new 30′. Sadly I’m nearer the latter so I figured this would appeal to me, and in many ways it did. I liked the five central characters and I liked the way the chapters were told in sections, dealing with each character so the reader feels like they’re really starting to get to know them. We are shown that these affluent lifestyles do not make for happy people. Each have their own problems and insecurities and we see, over a period of a couple of summers, how their lives change when misunderstandings turn to fractured relationships.

I did like the way the chapters were divided into different characters so you really got to learn about them, and they were just the right length which made it an easy read. I read the last third of the book in one sitting as, half way through, I was intrigued at how all the characters fitted in with each other, apart from just living in the same neighbourhood.

Overall, this is a lightweight but readable novel which I found very enjoyable and therefore I do recommend it.

Kirsty MacKenzie 5/4

Seeking Eden by Beverley Harvey
Urbane Publications 9781911331896 pbk Jul 2017


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