Sunday Morning Coming Down by Nicci French

Review published on August 11, 2017.

Freda Klein, a psychoanalyst, has a homicidal perpetrator that the police have never managed to catch who sends her messages every so often. He has killed before and despite wider opinion, she is convinced he is still alive. When a new dead body is found in the floor boards of her London home, her old DCI and DC are asked to support the lead investigator, Patricia Burge with the case. It transpires this is a copy cat killer, but people around the skilled but difficult Klein start to also get hurt…

Whilst I usually enjoy Nicci French novels, I have to say I was disappointed with this book. I read it and still quite enjoyed it but there were too many gaping holes in the police investigation and actions of Klein, not being part of the investigating team, were unrealistic, making it difficult to feel entirely credible. Never did they use mobile phone signals to trace where individuals had been or used CCTV to capture car journeys to support alibis.

The characters were decent as was the pace and story development. You learn who the copy cat killer is mid-read and have an insight into his misguided ideas, but again he went from a credible, measured, intelligent person, to unravelling and escalating in his behaviour and kills too quickly. It’s not a bad book, but not a great book either.

Sara Garland 3/2

Sunday Morning Coming Down by Nicci French
Michael Joseph 9780718179663 hbk Jul 2017


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