Talking to Gina by Ottilie Hainsworth

Review published on August 23, 2017.

Although this book is 236 pages long, it is a very quick read and as such was a bit of a surprise to me. I was half way through after half an hour. Lots of drawings and few words. The story relates how a cat-loving family acquires a rescue dog and unexpectedly falls in love with said dog and the unexpected changes to family life the dog brings about. The second half of the book describes the gradually developing fondness for the dog and how the relationships come to an end.

For me as a dog owner, the second half drew me in and I found it very realistic. I had got to the half way point thinking there was little substance to the book but ended feeling much more convinced by the tale. Because it is such a quick and easy read it would suitable for a wide ranging audience, especially dog owners and dog lovers, all of whom should be able to relate to it, as a light story or on a deeper level about the nature and consequences of bringing a dog into your home and life.

Charlotte Rothwell 3/2

Talking to Gina by Ottilie Hainsworth
Myriad Editions 9781908434982 pbk Sep 2017


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