The House in the Tree by Bianca Pitzorno

Review published on August 18, 2017.

Having read and chosen many books for grandchildren over the years, I was interested to read this book by, to me, an unknown Italian author. It was imaginative and enjoyable and I decided to enlist the help of Francesca (11) and Tom (9). Both enjoyed it but felt there could have been more adventures in the tree rather than quite so much about storks and babies! They loved the idea of it and the descriptions of the people. Both thought the ending really good and the flying dog amusing. Their main criticisms were of the drawings – they didn’t think them suitable and tried to be funny when not necessary – felt they were a waste of time though both are familiar with the artist from, I think, Roald Dahl stories. Overall, they liked the story very much and would read more by the same author.

Jan Kirk 3/2

The House in the Tree by Bianca Pitzorno
Alma Books 9781846884108 pbk Apr 2017


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