The Life and Death of Sherlock Holmes by Mattias Bostrom

Review published on August 11, 2017.

Wow!! As a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes from childhood, I was really looking forward to reading this book. From the very first sentence Mattias had my attention and never once did it wander. This is an insight of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s life, his love for Sherlock, and books in general.

Reading like a Sherlock Holmes story itself, it tells of adventure, unexpected fortunes, and how our love of Sherlock has never wavered. Starting from 1878 and finishing in 2016, we the reader are given a magical tour via the foggy streets of London, with Mr Holmes wearing his deer stalker hat, to London as it is now, with Mr Holmes wearing a long scarf, but still using his grey cells and having the wonderful Dr Watson and Mrs Hudson along for the ride.

I learnt things, I never knew – how the look of Sherlock came to be, and how he was a firm favourite of the Royal Family. The outcry of Sherlock’s death took Conan Doyle by surprise, as in his eyes. “Sherlock is just a character” but as you and I know, this is not the case; Sherlock, is ‘alive’ and nobody would ever want that to end. The only drawback to this book? it had to end, and I really didn’t want it to so it is now pride of place on my shelf, and nope not lending it out – friends who want to read, it, will have to buy their own!!

Angie Rhodes 5/5

The Life and Death of Sherlock Holmes by Mattias Bostrom
Head of Zeus 9781784977733 hbk Aug 2017


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