Till the Dust Settles by Pat Young

Review published on August 10, 2017.

I think what attracted me initially to this book was the fact it was set around 9/11. It was such a seismic event and one which I remember watching unfold. Like the generations before remembering where they were when Kennedy was shot, Elvis died, Lennon killed, this is one of those major world events that I remember.

Lucie is going to the World Trade Center on the morning of the attacks, hoping to escape her loathsome husband, Curtis. He really is a piece of work! By chance she is not in one of the towers but is on the street choking on the dust that enveloped everybody as the towers collapsed. This is where the story gets really interesting as she ends up embarking on a life quite different to the one she had, purely as a result of the confusion everybody was experiencing at the time.

I found the storyline quite plausible. I don’t want to give anything away but it’s got a lot to do with having the audacity to live a life that’s not yours and I thought it was all rather clever, in particular the way that Pat Young took me down one path only for me to find that there’d been a deviation on that path and we were going a slightly different way. I suspect it’s quite easy in the midst of such chaos for things to happen that would never have happened under normal circumstances. That’s really the crux of this very well written, thrilling, story.

I’m so impressed with this debut novel. It has such a lot of twists and turns and the characterisations are great. Oh, and that ending was so clever and unexpected, a bit like the rest of the book actually!

Nicola Smith, Short Book and Scribes 5/5

Till the Dust Settles by Pat Young
Bloodhound Books 9781912175468 pbk Jul 2017


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