A Short History of India by Gordon Kerr

Review published on September 29, 2017.

With the recent independence celebrations in India, I was excited about finding out more about the country and its people. A brief history is just that, a starting point to investigate more about a country whose origins can be traced back to its ancient roots. Taking the reader through the origins of Buddhism, the Mughal Empire, the East India Company and the fight for independence.

This was the first non-fiction book I have reviewed and I am afraid I found the style a bit dry and heavy going in places. The colour and vibrancy of the Indian people did not shine though for me. Whilst the book included two maps, it was devoid of other illustrations and I would have benefited from references to some of the prominent influences of history through the use of illustrations.

However, the chapter headings did allow for the reader to dip into the book and read about the different periods very effectively. Definitely a resource to be used in order to get a flavour of an era rather than sit and read in one go. As this is a slim volume, it could accompany most backpackers as they travel through modern day India. The book does contain a useful index and it is very well researched.

Jayne Townsend 3/2

A Short History of India by Gordon Kerr
Pocket Essentials 9781843449225 pbk May 2017


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