A Yorkshire Vet Through the Seasons by Julian Norton

Review published on September 13, 2017.

I admit I did wonder if this book would be a re-hash of the stories on the TV programme of the same name and, yes, there were one or two repetitions but most were different and the ones that were on TV are worth retelling as they were the good ones that worked well on paper. Julian writes well and the tales he tells are both amusing and insightful, how he remembers all the different animals and people in his very busy life I just don’t know!

This book will be rightly compared to the very successful books written by James Herriot, his successor at the Skeldale practice, but this one at least centred more on Julian’s work life than his family life, whereas James Herriot combined the two. There was one tale from Julian’s family that made me smile as you could feel the tension as he operated on his son’s pet – not something I would have able to do (what if it had died!). There are some wonderful photographs included of both the animals Julian works with and the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside where he lives; these help the story as you can see the type of animals he has to contend with which a non-farmer may not be aware of.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Julian’s work on farms and with the small animals he helps and their owners, some of whom must be more trouble than the animals themselves. I missed his first book so will be looking out for it and hope that there will be a third as I am sure there are far more stories to come.

Sue Dawson 5/5

A Yorkshire Vet Through the Seasons by Julian Norton
Michael O’Mara 9781782438434 hbk Sep 2017


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