Dead to Me by Stephen Edger

Review published on September 1, 2017.

Dead to Me is a roller-coaster ride of a crime thriller. DI Kate Matthews is new to the Southampton police and has a lot to prove. So when there is a series of murders that at first do not appear to be linked, she is the investigating officer who has to put a stop to them.

I liked Kate, although sometimes I wondered what on earth she was doing! She’s a good officer though, feisty and brave and an ace investigator. I also thought Laura Trotter, an officer serving under her, had loads of potential as a character and I hope she will turn up in the next book in the series (yes, Kate and co will be back!).

There are several strands to the storyline in this book and I thought they all came together really well. Nobody else really thinks the murders could be connected so Kate has an uphill struggle on her hands to try and prove it.

The ending was a total surprise and kept well under wraps I thought. It was clever and cunning, if a bit implausible. But I liked it and it worked well.

Overall, this is a page turner of a book that kept me interested throughout. There’s a lot of these crime series about and I thought this one had an edge that might just see me reading the second one (I’m hopeless at keeping up with series).

Nicola Smith 4/3

Dead to Me by Stephen Edger
Bookouture 9781786813060 pbk Aug 2017


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