Rage of Ares by Christian Cameron

Review published on September 17, 2017.

Rage of Ares is the seventh in The Long War series, which is the story of the battle for supremacy between the Greeks and Persians. The hero of the series is Arimnestos of Plataea, a flawed character, great warrior, pirate and sometimes love rat! The series has had rave reviews on other websites, and obviously has a devoted readership.

The plot develops at breakneck speed, but for me does not allow the characters enough time ‘to breathe’. Greek terms are constantly included, although there is a handy index at the beginning, and a list of players. The main strength of the book are the descriptions of sea battles, and the often shifting loyalties between both sides of the conflict. The dialogue can be somewhat modern, which disrupts the feel for the ancient world.

If you go for action and battle, then this book is for you. Personally, I have read other books on similar themes which I enjoyed more, and Arimnestos does have a tendency to make daring escapes in the Victorian style of ‘with one bound he was free’ without any explanation as to how this was achieved. The research is obviously very good and the author has a feel for ancient Greece, but it is not a series I would pursue – although having said that, I would recommend this to others. Not perhaps a book club read.

Ruth Ginarlis 3/2

Rage of Ares by Christian Cameron
Orion 9781409118152 pbk May 2017


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