Summer Sundaes by Georgina Troy

Review published on September 30, 2017.

Summer Sundaes is an utterly charming read. We start off in one of my favourite places, Italy and in Rome to be precise, where Sacha is holidaying with her aunt. Gorgeous Alessandro is asked to show Sacha the sights of Rome and the story got off to a lovely start as we accompanied the pair around such wonders as the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. But all good things come to an end and Sacha returns to Jersey and to her beloved Summer Sundaes cafe.

Jersey is portrayed so well in the book. It’s not somewhere I have been to but I would love to, especially after reading about it here. Alessandro turns up in Jersey and Sacha gets to return the tour guide favour by showing him the historical sights. But I guess the star of the show is The Boardwalk by the Sea where not only Summer Sundaes is located but also Bella’s antique shop and Jools’ bookshop along with, shock horror, Alessandro’s family’s new gelato shop, which is in competition with Sacha’s cafe.

I loved the descriptions of the food. The gelato sounds amazing and so do Sacha’s sundaes. And there’s the cabbage loaf (never heard of it before but it sounds so unusual) and the Jersey Wonders, which are a kind of doughnut. It’s the kind of detail I love in a book and so I was glad to see recipes for these treats at the back.

There’s a lovely cast of characters in this book. I liked Sacha and Alessandro a lot but the other characters, such as Bella, Jack (Sacha’s brother) and Aunt Rosie are also lots of fun too. The story is a feel good one, a light and fairly quick read but not lacking substance.

I’d love to take a walk down the Boardwalk, maybe call at Summer Sundaes for a pancake or some cabbage loaf and a sundae, or perhaps stop at Gelato di Isola for a gelato to take to the beach and watch the waves. Alas, I will have to make do with my imagination and carry on reading lovely books like this one.

Nicola Smith 4/3

Summer Sundaes by Georgina Troy
Green Shutter Books 9780992786588 pbk Jul 2017


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