I Am Behind You by Ajvide Lindqvist

Review published on October 14, 2017.

This is the first in a planned trilogy, which opens with an interesting and philosophical voice describing the above. Nicely translated, it heightens the oddness of the situation when a group of highly flawed and memorable caravan owners find their caravans have seemingly moved overnight to a field on a never-ending horizon. They have no sat nav, no mobile signal, no electricity and limited food. And there is no sun in the sky!!

The characters are somewhat judgemental, unhappy, intolerant and most have very shady pasts. As they collect themselves to try and fathom what is going on, some of their backstories begin to emerge.

The book maintains a very eerie, tense and suspicious atmosphere throughout. As a reader, you are dying to find out more, for things to make sense, and so in a good way it makes you impatient and needing to know, to be let in what’s happening – much like the owners themselves. Is this a mass psychological experiment? Is it real or an optical illusion? Is there a religious or an extra-terrestrial undertone? Food supplies are short and these characters are not going to gel. There is a continuous sense of a bad omen, that someone will snap and much worse is to come.

This is an immersive, kooky, suspense horror.

Sara Garland 5/3

I Am Behind You by Ajvide Lindqvist
riverrun 9781786480392 hbk Sep 2017



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