I Am Missing by Tim Weaver

Review published on October 7, 2017.

I Am Missing is the eighth book in Tim Weaver’s David Raker series, showing how cleverly constructed and complex stories can still deliver an excellent story. At times this is a bracing story and you can feel the cold and wet as if you are in the middle of the story, and like all good thrillers the twists happen when you least expect them, and some are surprising. One thing is still clear, it does not matter how far Raker goes, trouble still finds him.

Private detective David Raker has a reputation for finding people, but this time his client is the missing person. Richard Kite has hired him to find out who he is, because he has no idea or memory of who he is. Kite was discovered on a beach, bruised and beaten, in Southampton and dubbed by the press as ‘The Lost Man’. He cannot place Kite’s accent, it seems as if it is from the south west but he cannot be sure and despite the press coverage, nobody has claimed to know him.

As Raker investigates, he needs to find out who Richard Kite is, where he is from and why does nobody know him? He then has to work out what links him to a dead body of a woman found on a railway line in London, some two years earlier.

What Raker finds will take him on a journey overseas, find himself confined, with people chasing after him to make sure the truth will never be revealed. He does find out who Kite is but should he tell him the truth? He discovers Richard’s story and how it is intertwined with the dead woman, whom he knew at another time and in another place.

Weaver has written a multi-layered thriller which shows how far people will go to hide the truth, and how greed can corrupt all. Sometimes it can be hard to discover who is not a victim in this story, but it does become clear, eventually.

An excellent story, I highly recommend it.

Paul Diggett 4/4

I Am Missing by Tim Weaver
Penguin 9781405917841 pbk Jul 2017


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