Invisible Women by Sarah Long

Review published on October 28, 2017.

I loved this book, it really struck a cord. Being over the age of 50 and on the plump side, it made me laugh.

As we get older, even though we think the same, what we see in our minds eye is the women or girls we were in our twenties, that is, until we catch our image in a mirror and we see middle-aged women instead. It makes you realise that we do become invisible. Yes, we are mothers (some of us), and wives, and daughters, but what we forget is WHO we are, not just so and so’s wife or mother. We are still the women or girls we were in our twenties, just older and wiser (sometimes) – we just need to remember that and live life to the full!

The characters in this book, are they realistic? YES, we are one of those women, or we have friends like them, either way, Sarah Long’s book is one that all women over their twenties will relate to, love and laugh with the characters. It is a funny, funny book, but also a bit sad.

Angie Rhodes 5/5

Invisible Women by Sarah Long
Zaffre 9781785762659 pbk Oct 2017


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