SECOND OPINION: Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

Review published on October 13, 2017.

Clara Solberg and her husband Nick are blissfully happy. They have a young daughter Maisie and a newborn son and their marriage is rock solid. Nick has his own dental practice and they live comfortably from his earnings.

Things unravel when, shortly after the birth of their son Felix, Nick decides to give Clara some rest after some sleepless nights and he takes their daughter Maisie to her ballet class and tells Clara he will call for a takeaway on the return journey to spare her having to cook.

Sadly, he never makes it back home after an horrendous car crash which leaves him dead but Maisie is unscathed.

Clara becomes convinced that Nick’s death wasn’t an accident, after Maisie keeps having nightmares about a bad man in a black car and sets out to find out the truth.

The story is told alternatively from Nick’s and Clara’s perspective, with chapters devoted to each of them, both leading up to the accident and afterwards for Clara and up to the fateful accident for Nick.

The reader learns that things aren’t quite as they seem in their happy marriage and there have been many things that Nick has kept from Clara.

I was really hoping that Clara managed to find out the truth and as well as investigating Nick’s death, she also has two small children to care for and a mother suffering badly from dementia.

This is a book that I got totally involved in and I couldn’t read it quickly enough to find out how it all panned out.

I shan’t give any spoilers about what Clara finds out and what Nick was keeping from her, but it got me hooked and I alternated between not liking Nick and his secrets at all, to feeling for him and all he’s had to deal with up to the time of their son’s birth.

There were a couple of loose ends I would have liked to have been tied up, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Patricia Thompson 5/5

Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica
HQ 9781848456600 pbk Aug 2017


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