SECOND OPINION: I Am Missing by Tim Weaver

Review published on October 15, 2017.

Part of a series about private investigator David Raker, this novel deals with him attempting to find out as much as he can about Richard, an amnesiac, who is trying to find out who he is. Raker’s investigations take him to an island in the South Atlantic where the mystery unfolds. The plot involves murder, corruption and theft and it should interest anyone who enjoys a well-conceived idea.
It’s a page-turner, not overlong, original and quite clever.

This is a detective novel with a difference – I would recommended it to all.

Paul Allard 4/4

I Am Missing by Tim Weaver
Penguin 9781405917841 pbk Jul 2017


SECOND OPINION: Resort to Murder by T.P. Fielden


SECOND OPINION: Resort To Murder by T.P. Fielden

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