What’s Your Bias? by Lee de-Wit

Review published on October 10, 2017.

As a poll clerk and canvasser, I was interested in this book and thought I probably knew the answers – well, I witnessed the arguments for and against Brexit on the 23rd June 2016 in a little church hall in Gloucestershire after all – but it turns out that I was merely scratching the surface.

This is ideal for readers who want to learn a bit of the psychology around politics. It states that we sometimes vote for reasons we are not consciously aware of. Take Brexit again: the media flooded our brains with immigration, so when people started to go to the voting booths they truly thought this would solve the problem.

Then, later that year, President Trump was elected. Who would have thought that was going to happen? But as I keep saying, people must have believed in him, since they voted for him.

Similar to how I have discussed the UK and the USA in the last two paragraphs, Lee de-Wit gives a good distribution of analysis between the UK and USA.

De-Wit offers a good argument for how we are today so influenced by social media and advertising on the internet that it subconsciously affects how we think. Years ago, we would have looked at class and how much money we have, and now there appears to be a shift. We are even influenced by what someone looks like.

This is not a heavy going book; readers will find it easy to read and extremely thought provoking.

I recommend this book – perhaps we will be more aware of the various potential influences when we go to the booths at the next election.

Jane Brown 5/5

What’s Your Bias? by Lee de-Wit
Elliott & Thompson 9781783963508 hbk Sep 2017


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