Who Is Dracula’s Father? by John Sutherland

Review published on October 21, 2017.

Who Is Dracula’s Father? A brilliant title that is sure to inflame the taste buds in me I thought and sure enough it proved a rather strangely compelling read. This is a trawl through those questions that Bram Stoker’s novel has created for those rather more pedantic amongst us. Answers are forthcoming in quantity, but they in turn can provoke even more issues.

What colour was his moustache? Did he even have one? Was his blood warm? Was he gay? Where did his English-speaking harem come from? Myriad questions that arise through the thorough analysis of the novel by many readers. Obviously, John Sutherland is a devout follower, who has written other books based on Victorian fiction. He is Lord Northcliffe, Professor Emeritus at University College London, so is well placed to research his subject completely.

I loved reading this book. It has short, sharp bursts of dissemination concerning all facets of the story and it is well paced to grip the attention. It asks the most ridiculous questions as well as the necessary ones and, yes, you can argue it is only a book, but such a book! Having now read this treatise, the original book screams out to be reread for the umpteenth time. How did Lucy escape from a lead-lined coffin? Why did Van Helsing swear in German, but actually came from Holland? These weirdly fascinating questions and many more are here to be investigated.

A superb holiday read for me, its all quite possibly bunkum of the first order, but it has to be enthralling reading for those vampiric types who abound in these days of Gothic revival.

Reg Seward 5/3

Who Is Dracula’s Father? by John Sutherland
Icon Books Ltd 9781785782978 pbk Nov 2017



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