A World of Three Zeroes by Muhammad Yunus

Review published on November 5, 2017.

A World of Three Zeroes is a very inspirational book, written by Muhammad Yunus, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. He was born in Bangladesh in 1940 and has become a globally recognised exponent of economics, entrepreneurship and banking. His successes are too numerous to count, especially amongst the poorer populace with his ‘micro-finance’ encouragement and institutional methods.

This book is very well laid out indeed; it promotes his dream, and proven success, of giving money in the form of bank loans to those who would normally not have the necessary background or assets to offer as collateral. His believable argument is that so much skill, cleverness and acumen is wasted by not giving these people a chance to shine. He lends small sums to these individuals, under the auspices of his Grameen Bank, which enables them to further their own businesses, and from well documented experience, he has found these loans are paid back far better and quicker than most Westernised companies.

He won his Nobel Peace Prize for his continual, slowly done, alleviation of poverty, his single minded purpose to better the third world’s standing, especially for women, and to gain autonomy where it is sadly and historically lacking. The title of this book means that he wants to have zero poverty, zero unemployment and zero carbon emissions, and the book tells us how his agenda could be realised.

A fascinating and exciting concept indeed, but I think he is going to have an uphill struggle with the modern way of doing things. He has obviously succeeded in the poorer areas of the world, where money is desperately needed to further their lives, but it is an uphill struggle indeed to try to change the 21st century philosophy of getting rich to the exclusion of all else.

This book is intelligently written, stating his ideals, his successes, his dream, and his hopes. I wish him all the very best of luck with the Grameen Bank, the loan system he has made his own, and future enterprises. It is a very deep book to actually get through, but rewarding for the reader in as much as realising there can be another way to exist on this planet.

Reg Seward 4/1

A World of Three Zeroes by Muhammad Yunus
Scribe UK 9781911344568 pbk Oct 2017


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