America City by Chris Beckett

Review published on November 3, 2017.

Although this is described as science fiction (and strictly speaking does fall under that particular banner), this is more realistically a forecast of how the world, in particular the United States of America, could turn out in a 100 years or so due to the effects of global warming, the growth of social media in one form or another, power hungry leaders and the almost primitive grabbing of any means of survival. Chris Beckett paints a frightening vision of the future which is not that different from today in the way that people run their lives. There is a greater dependence on robot technology in the workplace, but climate change has resulted in the southern half of the USA becoming virtually uninhabitable, whilst the wastelands of the frozen northern parts of the globe become much more suited to man’s needs. There is thus a top-led rush to these northern parts and the ensuing problems that could arise are described beautifully in this forward-thinking vision. There are various messages in here about doing more today in preparation for tomorrow, rather than brushing it under the carpet. How will our descendants look back upon us? A really good story – was the fictional US President depicted herein influenced by a certain D. Trump one wonders – with an important message. Recommended for world leaders!

Martin Turner 4/4

America City by Chris Beckett
Corvus 9781786491527 hbk Nov 2017


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