Fateful Mornings by Tom Bouman

Review published on November 25, 2017.

The once peaceful lakeside town of Wild Thyme is not the place it used to be. New people have moved in and brought crime and drugs to the area. In charge of keeping the law is Office Henry Farrell, who usually has a quiet and uneventful professional life, most of the time anyway. His personal life though is complicated by his ongoing affair with a married woman.

Into this mix, a friend is accused of the murder of his girlfriend, who has disappeared. He strongly denies killing her, and describes vividly what he found at the crime scene. Unfortunately police forensics do not back up his story in any respect.

Fateful Mornings draws the reader into life in a small backwater of America, the rural idyll at odds with human behaviour, and the violent nightmare which engulfs Farrell.

This is a very readable book, although I could not describe it as enjoyable in any respect. Perhaps that is due to the talent of the author who paints a very bleak picture indeed. A writer to watch, after this his second novel. Definitely one for reading groups interested in crime fiction.

Ruth Ginarlis 4/4

Fateful Mornings by Tom Bouman
Faber & Faber 9780571333363 pbk Jul 2017


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